Panel 2:

Kas: I don't understand, I thought you wanted me to study? Isn't that what I'm here for?

Panel 3:

Uncle: Do you plan on being a brat forever to spite us, just because I told you to study one time—

Kas: Yes!

Panel 4:

Uncle: Or is it an easy excuse to get even more of our attention?

Kas: What?

Panel 5:

Uncle:  It’s not enough for you to take advantage of our hospitality, is it? Only taking, and never adding to our family—  as if you could, or want to. When you know it'd be so much better for everyone if you had a wife to take care of you.

Panel 6:

Kas: Well maybe that's your fault, for wanting me to be your prodigy! You've kept me locked away studying for too long, now I’m too ignorant to want a family of my own!
Farsi translation by Nova Phoenix | Instagram: @ bluesupernova_